What I learned this week, April 22, 2022

Spring Snow, Richardson, Texas

There’s a Massive Antarctic Exploration Vehicle Lost Somewhere at the Bottom of the World

In 1939 a joint government-private sector project ran into the question of how best to traverse Antarctica’s frozen wastelands. The obvious answer? A car. A really, really, really big car. Or so thought Thomas Poulter, designer of the doomed Antarctic Snow Cruiser.

A Yumbo meal spewing existential malaise into the atmosphere

Should we be eating three meals a day?

The idea that we should eat three meals a day is surprisingly modern. How many meals a day is best for our health?

My son’s dog, Champ

Inside the World of Guide Dog Dropouts

In this highly competitive training, pup perfection is demanded — and not every student can make it to graduation. Here’s what happens to the still very good boys who need a sudden ‘career change.’

Dice Life Links

Decatur, Texas

The People Who Base Their Life Decisions On a Dice Roll (vice.com)

Roll the Dice – Ultimate Decision-Making Strategy: May Seem Irrational But Can Be The Most Rational… – BizShifts-Trends

Should You Let the Dice Decide? | Psychology Today

Can’t make a decision? Have you ever tried rolling for it? | by Franko French | Medium

Bicycle Drag Racer on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge

Physical fatigue is in the brain as much as in the body

Over the past couple of decades, scientists too have become increasingly interested in the potential of ‘mind over muscle’. Their findings suggest that there is far more to it than a motivational mantra.

Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas (click to enlarge)

Ways to Train Your Brain to Get What You Want

Contrary to theory, which cannot get you very far in the end, people who have actually been “there” provide practical steps on what you need to do to get there too. Here are the five things you should focus on. Forget everything else.

While I was eating, a rugged group on Bicycles, braving the rain, came up for some food.

Got food cravings? What’s living in your gut may be responsible

Eggs or yogurt, veggies or potato chips? We make decisions about what to eat every day, but those choices may not be fully our own. New University of Pittsburgh research on mice shows for the first time that the microbes in animals’ guts influence what they choose to eat, making substances that prompt cravings for different kinds of foods.

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