Sunday Snippet, Two Old Poems by Bill Chance

As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death.

—-George Bernard Shaw

Display at main Half-Price Books, Dallas, Texas


Why is it
that I can never remember to file
the goldenrod
copy to the archive folder
and send the yellow
to accounting?

My fingertips
have an aversion
to Manila
folder thin cardboard,
little tabs,
alphabetical order.

There was a time
when I looked forwards to phone calls
something good exciting and sexy
now it’s only someone wanting something
plain and difficult.

I feel the beesting
at my belt
the rattling shock of the
vibrating pager, interrupting lunch
or thought, or peace, even when
I’m not wearing it.

Piles of paper, drawers of folders
carefully ordered, fall inward, collapsing,
smothering, horrible weight.
Chaos, where is your freedom?
feeling, surprise,
standing naked in the rain.

I see the mind of the 5-year-old as a volcano with two vents: destructiveness and creativeness.

—-Sylvia Ashton-Warner

Lee on the monkey bars.
Lee at the playground


Kidsquest Playground

What energy source drives
them? Spinning tops
arms and legs akimbo,
rushing up down and around.
bark chips, pea gravel, stained wood

High pitched cries
the wet smell of recent rain
orange-topped billow iron-headed
clouds flee lightning-cored to the east and north.

Climbing ropes and old tires
wooden construction – simple pine
becomes what fairy castle,
little brothers
what fearsome enemy
to flee and chase, caught
and escape again.

Areas of damp sand
paper cup molds
careful tunnels
volcano hills
populated by plastic soldiers and Lilliputian dreams
shaped by tiny Giant Hands.

Slides straight
and slides twisting
swings and chains
pumping pumping jumping
moment of childhood weightlessness
come down to earth
too soon.

Parents in shorts
with that bent over head stare
watch down at toddlers grubbing
on the ground
making sure the stuff stays
out ‘o their mouth.

One Mississippi, Two Mississippi,
Keep your eyes closed! Three Mississippi, Four Mississippi,
Five, Six, Seven,
Ready or Not! Here I Come!

Dad! Can you spin me?
In that spin around thing?

Time to put up my pen and get to work.

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