What I learned this week, July 31, 2021

Isaak swimming a little at the NorthBark Dog Park, Dallas, Texas

Swimming gives your brain a boost – but scientists don’t know yet why it’s better than other aerobic activities

I was thinking this morning about things that I miss from when I was younger – and swimming is one of them. When I lived in Panama I used to swim across open water (in Lake Gatun) – sometimes a mile a day. Now, it all seems like a dream.

New Orleans Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

A new start after 60: ‘I was sick, tired and had lost myself – until I began lifting weights at 71’

Joan Macdonald faced growing health problems before she began lifting weights, shattering preconceptions about what’s possible in your eighth decade

The Stainless Internet (Detail) George Tobolowsky 2015, Stainless Steel Hall Sculpture Garden Dallas, Texas

The Day the Good Internet Died

I remember the early days of the internet – there was such excitement and feelings that the possibilities were endless – especially at work. Those slowly died (were murdered, actually) and the digital world became the oppressive monster we all know today. What a shame.

Recycled Books Denton, Texas

5 Digital Libraries Where You Can Download Ebooks for Free

So little time, so many books.

Children’s Waterpark, Waxahachie, Texas

Megaripples may be evidence of giant tsunami resulting from Chicxulub impact

I just like the word, “Megaripples.”

Woman writing in a Moleskine Notebook, Wichita, Kansas

Why Emotionally Intelligent Minds Embrace the Rule of ‘Writing in Reverse’

Learn to ‘write in reverse,’ and change the way you communicate.