What Is There To Be Gained

“I don’t understand why we must do things in this world, why we must have friends and aspirations, hopes and dreams. Wouldn’t it be better to retreat to a faraway corner of the world, where all its noise and complications would be heard no more? Then we could renounce culture and ambitions; we would lose everything and gain nothing; for what is there to be gained from this world?”
― Emil Cioran, On the Heights of Despair

AT&T Plaza, Dallas, Texas

I haven’t been anywhere except for work for a long time. I’m sure you all know how frustrating that is.

Last weekend I went on a photowalk (with masks and proper social distancing) with some folks to AT&T Plaza in downtown Dallas. We used to do that all the time, it was an attempt to return to normal… as much as possible. I did enjoy myself.

Now I am going to try and kick it up a notch – go on a road trip. A big gulf coast triangle of driving – Dallas-Houston-New Orleans-Dallas. I’m not sure how much digital access I’ll have, so I’m going to pre-post some blog entries with photos I took on the photowalk to publish while I’m gone.

See y’all on the back side.

2 responses to “What Is There To Be Gained

  1. That’s a gorgeous sculpture — or whatever it is. Good for you for hitting the road. I’ve made a trip to the Hill Country during this whole mess, and intend to have another in the medium future. You’ll be fine, and I suspect you’ll be more than a little refreshed by the trip.

  2. I hear ya on the cooped up thing. The wife and I have recently just started going out for more than just necessity. It’s amazing what a little bit of “just getting out” can do for you. We never went out much anyway, but we did run around more than we thought. This craziness has been more difficult than realized. Good for you for getting out. Be careful and stay well. 🙂

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