Short Story Of the Day, The Lagoon by Joseph Conrad

A rumor powerful and gentle, a rumor vast and faint; the rumor of trembling leaves, of stirring boughs, ran through the tangled depths of the forests, ran over the starry smoothness of the lagoon, and the water between the piles lapped the slimy timber once with a sudden splash. A breath of warm air touched the two men’s faces and passed on with a mournful sound – a breath loud and short like an uneasy sigh of the dreaming earth.

—- Joseph Conrad, The Lagoon

The land of lakes, volcanoes, and sun. A painting I bought on my last trip to Nicaragua.

I re-read The Secret Sharer the other night (haven’t we all read that in school?) and now I’m thinking of Nostromo – a novel I started once (inspired by the ship in the original Alien) but never finished. I want to finish it now.

So we have a Joseph Conrad short story, The Lagoon, about death and love and courage… and the jungle.

Read it here:

The Lagoon by Joseph Conrad

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Short Story Of the Day (Flash Fiction) A Story of Stolen Salamis by Lydia Davis

The landlord was resigned and philosophical, but corrected him: ‘They were not sausages. They were salamis.’

—- Lydia Davis, A Story of Stolen Salamis 

Meat Case – Italian Sausage and more

Lydia Davis is a well-known and acknowledged master of writing short short fiction. She was writing these before Flash Fiction even existed.

Today we have five of her works, all crackerjack – the first one is a tale of stolen salamis. Read them all and learn.

Read it here:

A Story of Stolen Salamis by Lydia Davis

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