Big Globular Raindrops, Thick As Honey

“He gets back to the Casino just as big globular raindrops, thick as honey, begin to splat into giant asterisks on the pavement, inviting him to look down at the bottom of the text of the day, where footnotes will explain all. He isn’t about to look. Nobody ever said a day has to be juggled into any kind of sense at day’s end. He just runs. Rain grows in wet crescendo. His footfalls send up fine flowers of water, hanging a second behind his flight.”
― Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow


4 responses to “Big Globular Raindrops, Thick As Honey

    • Thanks. It’s a palm tree, wrapped for the winter. Some guy has a bunch of these in his yard and I see them on my way to work. I used another shot for an entry a week or so ago, may do another, edited differently.

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