What I learned this week, February 13, 2015

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Opera House

For the Best U.S. Architecture Per Square Mile, Head to Dallas

The Wyly Theater in the Dallas Arts District

The Wyly Theater in the Dallas Arts District

10 Modern Takes on the Commuter Bag

Deep Ellum Brewing Company's Lineup

Deep Ellum Brewing Company’s Lineup

Saving You From Beer


Trinity Toll Road Backers Launch Misinformation Campaign

5 Unhealthy Side Effects of Sitting All Day and What to Do About It

5 new restaurants opening this year in ‘dining theme park’ Trinity Groves

This Crazy ‘Simpsons’ Theory Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense

My opinion is that the events in the Simpsons aren’t really happening at all – that it is only a series of still drawings shown fast enough to convey the illusion of motion. That’s my crazy idea, anyway.

The idea of the whole thing being a fantasy – I thought the same thing about Minority Report

Dissecting the finale of Minority Report

“Look at how peaceful they all seem. But on the inside, busy busy busy. It’s actually kind of a rush. They say you have visions. That your life flashes before your eyes. That all your dreams come true”.

Why Don’t Kids Walk to School Anymore?

In the late 1960s, nearly 50 percent of American children walked to and from school each day. In this short film produced by City Walk, experts discuss the decline of a once-common activity—and why it would still benefit children today. “Kids need to walk to school so they learn about active transportation,” says University of Utah professor Elizabeth Joy. “When you have to go two, three, or four blocks, that doesn’t mean you get in the car. You can actually walk.”