I feel sad that the Chihuly Exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum is now over. They are carefully packing the glass up and loading it on to trucks – I suppose that it will eventually go to some other urban garden somewhere, but I don’t know where. It’s been in a few places over the years and see no reason to quit now. I’d love to visit it in a new home, see what the glass looks like in a different setting, in a different arrangement.

In the meantime, I still have a lot of photographs. I went down to the Arboretum with my camera at least three times (plus a few more with only my eyes). I can dredge through my archives… find some that I like and put them here.

Blue Reeds, Dale Chihuly, Dallas Arboretum

Blue Reeds, Dale Chihuly, Dallas Arboretum

8 responses to “Blue

  1. Each time I light my torch and hold a glass rod in my hand and I begin to melt it in the flame I think of Dale he is amazing. When his pieces arrived here in Boston I told my Mom to leave me there I could have slept in his exhibit as it was even with tons of people I brought home on my SD card so many beautiful memories and the MFA still has the glass TREE

    Love your photo brought me back to my day spent in Boston with Mom just two summers ago


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