Ice and Glass

We had an unusual White Christmas here in Dallas yesterday. Inspired by a friend of mine and her wonderful photography, I decided to brave the sub-freezing temperatures and go down to the Arboretum one last time for the year today. The Chihuly exhibit that I visited a while back is leaving at the end of the year. I have taken (and posted) a lot of photos of the glass sculptures over the year and wanted to get in my last shot. As I looked out my door and saw my neighborhood still blanketed in a sheet of white I imagined how gorgeous the colorful glass would be in a frosty setting. I packed up my camera and a couple lenses and drove down there.

Unfortunately, it had not snowed in that part of town very much and the Arboretum was mostly free of the white stuff. Still, due to the cold it was almost empty (bunch of wimps) and the many leafless trees added a unique, open aspect to the landscape. I enjoyed walking around and filled another digital card up with even more photographs to wile away the web space over the next months.

I’ll miss the colorful Chihuly glass when it leaves in a couple of days, but I’m already looking forward to my next visit and the other natural beauties of the place.

Walking around, especially perusing the shadows a bit, I discovered there was a little ice here and there, after all.






9 responses to “Ice and Glass

    • Thanks for the comment – we get plenty of hot weather here, believe me.

      The artist is Dale Chihuly. This exhibit has gone around the world to various gardens – it was in Phoenix three years ago (or so). Those were the same pieces in many cases (the exhibit does seem to change a bit every time it moves). I would have loved to have seen it in Phoenix – to compare how it looks in the desert to how it does in Texas.

      I don’t know where it is going next, but I’d love to travel there.

      • I know from own experience that it can be awful hot in Texas; Austin/Dallas included!
        Thanks very much for the name of the artist. Should like to see it with my own eyes. Tina Wilson of DBG told me that the artist was very, very expensive…. and that DBG had to raise money from sponsors to organize this exhibition.

  1. Great shots, congrats and thanks for sharing!
    I can’t wait to see what the Arboretum will bring as their next exhibit.

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