People at the Red Bull Soapbox Race

More of my shots from the Red Bull Soapbox Race, Dallas, 2012

One of the quirks that I have is that I do not wear shirts with writing on them. This guy did nothing to change my opinion on that.

No wonder those birds are angry.

There were a lot of cameras in the crowd.

It was a long day – get some rest when you can.

These guys walked their rather sparkly car past where I was standing. I didn’t see what had happened up the hill, closer to the start and didn’t know why it wasn’t rolling… but… Youtube to the rescue.

One of the cool things is that you could go down into a pit area and look at what was left of the vehicles after they ran their race. If there was enough left in one piece you could even sit in the driver’s seat and get your picture taken.
Or you could talk to the drivers. For some reason this driver, from a cheese-wedge shaped car that made it down quickly in one piece, seemed very popular in the pits.

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