15 responses to “Steel Horses

    • Thanks for the kind comment! Looking at the photos – one interesting thing is that I don’t convey how middle-of-nowhere these are. They are hard to find and hard to really see.

  1. Hi Bill,

    Your photos are great. I particularly like the second and third ones. Is there any chance you would be willing to e-mail or mail me a fairly high resolution quality j.peg of them so I could use them when applying to future commissions? I’m not sure how you’d feel about that, but since I stumbled across them today I thought I would ask. I obviously have other images of them, but yours are very good.



  2. I like the horses. Over the years we have visited cities across america that have a theme in there city. Lakeland,Fl {Swans} and several other cities with different themes. I’m always impressed when I see what someone can produce with their hands. Maybe that is why I took up photography.

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  4. Bill, Please contact me. I’m at corporate art consultant and would like to speak with you about a potential project. Thanks, Jennie Branch

    • Hi Bill, After writing you and then re-reading your forwarded email I realize that it sounds like she was contacting you about possible work, not me. Congratulations and best of luck!


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