The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

I have been on a quest for nice writing spots around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Saturday afternoon, I pounded out some paragraphs at White Rock Coffee on Northwest Highway, one of my favorite locations, but began to suffer from caffeine overdose and hunger, so I headed West.

My destination was the newish Whole Foods at Northwest and Highway 75. This neighborhood is an old stomping ground for me, but it has changed completely in the last few decades. Five years ago, we headed down early one morning to watch them implode a giant glass office building from the parking lot of the NorthPark shopping center across the highway. I have seen some implosions in my day, but the sight of the mirrored glass rippling from the shockwaves in the dawn’s early light before tumbling down in a cloud of dust and glass shards was something to behold.


The implosion of North Park Three

And now, like a concrete Phoenix, a massive tony development has risen from the rubble. There are a series of condominium towers surrounding a vast expanse of parking garage. There is retail scattered across the pavement on a couple levels – with the huge Whole Foods grocery store at the center.

I knew they would have wifi and something to eat, so I headed there to get a salad and tea (eleven dollars) and sit out front, enjoy the colors of the crepuscular sky over the sea of parked cars.

But on the way there, I drove behind another one of my favorite old stomping grounds, the big Northwest Highway Half-Price books. I don’t go there as much since I started reading so much on my Kindle – but it is still a great monument to bibliophilia. As I passed behind, I saw a huge section of the parking lot coned off with a large semicircular inflatable something rising up. One side of the thing was pure white and very reflective. It didn’t take much thinking to figure out what it was.

I had read that they were showing free movies in the parking lot this summer, and today must be one of the days. I checked in at Whole Foods and surfed over to the Half-Price website and found that, sure enough, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe would be showing at eight forty-five.

The timing was perfect. I finished my food, finished my writing, and moseyed across Greenville just as the movie was beginning.

I had seen it before and wasn’t a huge fan, but the price was right. Like everyone that has had kids in soccer, I carry a variety of folding chairs in my trunk, so I was prepared. There was a crowd there, not a huge crowd, but more than a few. Looking around I was the only person that actually went to the film alone.


Oh, the kids were so cute....

It was hot, but not too hot. The city put out a lot of noise, but the organisers had a powerful sound system, so we could hear the movie. Every now and then a headlight would illuminate the screen, but it went away soon enough.

I was able to get into the movie. Always up for some Tilda Swinton.

The Ice Queen

Tilda Swinton wasn't as cool as she was in Orlando, but she was the best thing in the movie.

I had a good time. Unfortunately, this is the last movie of the year on the schedule, but I bet they will do it again next summer. I think I’ll be there.

3 responses to “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

  1. Oh, you brought back memories of trips to the Half-Priced Books store on Northwest Highway. I can see the interior in my head. Many hours were spent there. I found, as my interests changed over the years, books about that interest were always waiting for me. Thanks for the memory. if you’re looking for places to write, try “The Great Outdoors” sub shop, also on Northwest Highway (near Bachman lake as I recall). I went there in the early 80s when it was definitely a hippyish type place. It updated over the years but was always a fun place to go (usually a trip to Farrells Ice Cream Parlor was an after trip).

    • It is a great place. I don’t know how long ago you lived here, but the 1/2 Price used to be across the street in an old “Captain’s Cargo” store (it had big wooden sailboat-style stairwells) until it moved into its present location. I remember before that, when they only had one store down on Mockingbird – I lived in back of the Granada theater and would walk over to the store.

      A lot of memories.

  2. I had forgotten that HPB&T was in the ship building till you mentioned it! I never went to The Granda but remember it as well. The closest HPB is in Ohio and Pennsylvania. A road trip seems to be in order. The last time I went to a HPB was in the Houston/NASA area this past Jan. I bought so many books, I had to ship two boxes back to my home in upstate NY.
    By chance, since we’re talking about memories, have you ever eaten at Rockyano’s Pizza when it was located at the Medallion Shopping Center? It was, hands down, the best pizza I have *ever* had. It’s since moved (long ago) and I have no idea what the quality is now but my taste buds salivate at the thought of the old location and my times there.
    Oh, one last memory…It’s been almost 30 years since I saw ELO at the Gardens in FW. How time does pass. I still have the T-shirt.

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