Dart Mirror

Dart Mirror by chancew1
Dart Mirror, a photo by chancew1 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The Dallas DART train, Red Line, reflected in the mirrored walls of an office building (actually the parking garage) at NW Highway and Central.

When I first moved to Dallas, thirty years ago, one of the places that I liked was the twin gold towers of Campbell Center. They were featured in the opening montage of Dallas (the television show – J.R. Ewing and all that, remember) and were an obvious feature at Highway 75 and Loop 12 – two gold reflecting office towers, shining in the setting sun, flanking a fancy hotel.

Watch it here.

Now that I watch the opening credits, I can’t help but notice the Doubletree Hotel is not there. I have no idea when it was added. Anyhow…. Man, Dallas (the city) has grown.

I hired a secretary in one of the towers to rewrite and copy my resume – which must have worked because I was able to get a couple of job offers in a few days. That was not an easy feat in 1981 – the economy felt a lot like it does right now.

Over the decades, a lot of office towers have grown up in Dallas, overshadowing the twin gold towers. Nobody really thinks of them much anymore. I’ve been to a few wedding receptions in the hotel, had a fun New Year’s Eve at a party there once.

One cool thing now… at least cool to me… is that the DART Red Line train, going south from Park Lane along Greenville rises up onto an elevated track right behind Campbell Center. I always try and sit on the West side of the train so I can watch the reflection in the gold cladding of the buildings.

Always look for small enjoyments.