With a Great Big Noise Like Thunder

It’s odd how I can remember some things from when I was a little kid (odd because I can never remember where my keys are or what my PIN number is). For example, I remember this record album. It was a strange little educational thing for kids, all about outer space. The cover sticks in my mind – a cone-shaped rocketship, a circular space station with hub and spokes, and maybe an astronaut floating free.

I must have listened to the thing a million times because I can even remember bits of some of the voices and some of the songs. One in particular… how did it go? “With a Great Big Noise Like Thunder, the Rocket Takes off for space.” That’s it.

Well, the Internet is nothing if not a time machine for wasting time looking up useless crap. And here it is – The Record Album.

A Child's Introduction to Outer Space

A Child's Introduction to Outer Spacechee

Let’s see, it came out in 1956, a year before I was born. I must have been really young when I was listening to it. That was a year before the first Sputnik, so I guess the album was ahead of its time.

Oh and the song, With a Great Big Noise Like Thunder? I was able to download the music – it is a lot cheesier than I remembered. But at that age, the cheesy sense isn’t very developed, it isn’t developed at all.

Now, not everything from back in the day is cheesy… well, maybe it is. But there is bad cheesy and good cheesy. You may disagree, but I think this video (ten years more recent than the children’s space record) is good cheesy.