What I learned this week, October 28, 2022

Belo Garden Park Dallas, Texas

How to change your self-limiting beliefs

Let Descartes, Kant and other philosophers help you view the world through a more positive filter and you’ll bloom

Ant Lion Pits

The Deadliest Animal in Each State in America

Texas – Fire Ants

Map of the Dallas Skyline Trail

California Entrepreneur Who Was Fined $1000 for Drawing Informal Maps without a License Takes Regulatory Board to Court

Ryan Crownholm’s story perfectly illustrates how occupational licensing laws stifle competition.

How truffles took root around the world

Has the American-Grown Truffle Finally Broken Through?

Lucadores, Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas

The three strength exercises everyone should do

Even if you’re not trying to get swole, these movements will help you with everyday movements.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Conjoined, Roxy Paine

Phantom Forests: Why Ambitious Tree Planting Projects Are Failing

High-profile initiatives to plant millions of trees are being touted by governments around the world as major contributions to fighting climate change. But scientists say many of these projects are ill-conceived and poorly managed and often fail to grow any forests at all.

PC and Mac guy meet Linux Godzilla
PC and Mac guy meet Linux Godzilla

The Twisted Life of Clippy

In the ’90s, Microsoft created an annoying paperclip that it quickly retired. Its developers never imagined the virtual assistant would become a cultural icon.

On of my favorite local bands seems to be getting back together. Here’s an old video, I really like it.