What I learned this week, May 27, 2022

5 Incredibly Effective Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden, New Orleans

A psychologist explains why negativity dominates your daily thoughts, and what to do about it

The Most Beautiful Place in Each U.S. State

Tourists reflected in a metal bird. Travelling Man Sculpture, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

The Most Overrated US Tourist Destinations (and where to go instead)

Cozumel, Mexico

The Most Overrated Tourist Destinations in the world (and Where to Go Instead)

Lee walking in the surf at Crystal Beach. I checked my old blog entries – this was December 29, 2002. Fifteen years ago, almost to the day.

This Beautiful Island in North Carolina Has the Best Beach in the U.S., According to Dr. Beach Himself (yahoo.com)

Boy looking at his shadow on Richard Serra’s My Curves are Not Mad – Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas, Texas

American Madness – by Bari Weiss – Common Sense (substack.com)

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