What I learned this week, March 18, 2022

The camera is focused with the ground glass

What you should know about film photography today

Going back to film photography? Here’s what’s changed in the last few years.

How to stop catastrophising – an expert’s guide

A clinical psychologist suggests a three-pronged plan for tackling anxiety and approaching each day logically and positively

Design District Dallas, Texas

A Love Letter to Driving Alone

Embarking on a road trip by yourself is solo travel taken to another level.

Snails on a Beer Stein.

Ancestral dreams

We’re not the only beings that dream. What visions might sleep bring to a cell, an insect, a mollusk, an ape?

Magazine Street, New Orleans

Annie Londonderry Barely Knew How to Ride a Bike When She Set Off Around the World

The record-setting 19th-century adventure was the result of a bet.

Woman writing in a Moleskine Notebook, Wichita, Kansas

Garth Greenwell on Writing Fiction like a Poet

“I did, in a weird way, write a novel like a poem.”

What Have Two Years of ‘Two Weeks to Slow the Spread’ Taught Us?

Two years ago this week, everything changed. We had heard the threats of COVID-19 for a couple of months by then, but by the middle of March, we were in full-blown pandemic mode.

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