What I learned this week, March 11, 2022

M41 Walker Bulldog Liberty Park Plano, Texas

The Putin Doctrine

A Move on Ukraine Has Always Been Part of the Plan

(click to enlarge) Mural, Deep Ellum Dallas, Texas

NASA is launching a new quantum entanglement experiment in space

The researchers will test if their tech can produce and detect quantum entanglement on the International Space Station.

Trinity River Bottoms, Dallas, Texas

What is a law of nature?

Laws of nature are impossible to break, and nearly as difficult to define. Just what kind of necessity do they possess?

There was live music at the start.

A Decade of Music Is Lost on Your iPod. These Are The Deleted Years. Now Let Us Praise Them.

From 2003 to 2012, music was disposable and nothing survived.

“Fast fashion” furniture has given us a world of crappy couches

Sure, that couch you bought on Wayfair is too uncomfortable to sit on, but at least it looks nice.

Rotterdam Express Container Ship New Orleans, Louisiana

The bizarre deep-sea creatures living on the Endurance shipwreck

Check out these animals that have colonized the 1915 wreck.

M41 Walker Bulldog Liberty Park Plano, Texas

What If Russia Loses?

A Defeat for Moscow Won’t Be a Clear Victory for the West

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