Schrödinger’s Crossword

“The nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know there is a solution.”

― Stephen Sondheim

Looking back, one of my favorite times was in a past job, years ago, four of us would meet in the cafeteria at work for morning beak, and do the New York Times crossword puzzle together. We did this for years. I liked how Monday was fairly easy and the difficulty would increase as the week went on – we rarely could finish Friday’s during break. I’d take it with me and sometimes try and finish using the internet (cheating, I know) – working on getting better.

I was reminded of these good times when this went viral – you’ve probably seen it already – but just in case….

Saw something fun today. A cute little trick in the Sunday New York Times crossword: the central theme clue was “The better of two sci-fi franchises“, and regardless of whether you put Star Wars or Star Trek, the crossing clues worked.

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