What I learned this week, February 4, 2022

Dallas Arboretum

Use the Magic 5:1 Ratio to Improve All Your Relationships

All happy partnerships (both professional and romantic) follow this simple but powerful ratio.

Tabasco, Crystal, or Louisiana


Yes, preference cascades can get ugly — hello Romania! — but as ugly as they get they are possibly the lowest butcher bill we’re facing.

Chihuly Boats full of glass at the Dallas Arboretum. White Rock Lake in the background.

Amateur Rocket Builders Planning to Launch Astronaut Into Space

Space travel isn’t just for billionaires anymore.

Dancing in the parade

On the trail of a pirate

In Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands

15 ‘Untranslatable’ Emotions You Never Knew You Had

the positive lexicography

Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, by Umberto Boccioni, Cole and Blackburn, Dallas, Texas

The Single Most Important Thinking Skill Nobody Taught You

The Book No One Read

Why Stanislaw Lem’s futurism deserves attention.

3 responses to “What I learned this week, February 4, 2022

  1. I don’t have time for it now, but I’ve saved the article about the Grand Isle oystermen. I know that area a bit, although I’m more familiar with south of Houma and the Atchafalaya. It looks like a great read — one I know is going to make me ‘homesick’ for Louisiana. Thanks for including it!

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