More things I learned this week, October 9, 2021

Timber, by Gene Koss, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana (click to enlarge)

Why it’s not surprising that young men are abandoning college

The recent surge in stories about young men abandoning higher education — college women outnumber men 3 to 2 — may have surprised a few headline writers, but the graffiti about the decline of men and boys has been on the wall for decades.

Wildflowers south of Dallas.

Friluftsliv: the Nordic concept which could help to boost your mental health

Is your mental health in need of a boost? Here’s how embracing the Nordic concept of ‘friluftsliv’ could help.

I pour a can of tomato sauce over the pasta, garlic, one chipotle pepper (only one!) and onions that I have been cooking in olive oil in a medium dutch oven.

The Pasta Sauce Hailed as the World’s Best Is Surprisingly Easy to Make at Home

First, the ingredients. You’ll need a 28-ounce can of whole, peeled tomatoes; one peeled, halved onion; and 5 tablespoons of butter. (Yes, 5 whole tablespoons of butter.) You’ll also want a pinch or two of salt.

Put everything together in a single pot and set it to simmer over medium heat on the stove for 45 minutes, uncovered. Give it the occasional stir.

And that’s it. After the 45 minutes is up, toss out the onion halves, and pour the sauce over your favorite pasta. Easy.


How I finally learned to sleep

For decades, Kate Edgley struggled with insomnia. She tried everything, but nothing seemed to work… Here, she reveals the terrible toll it took on her life – and how she eventually realised her dreams

Both parties’ ignorance of electoral reality has led to our present political discontents

Here’s a jarring thought: Most political analysts and most political strategists for our two political parties have been operating off flawed data and flawed assumptions. The result has been one political surprise after another and the election of the two most unsatisfactory presidents, in the minds of many voters, since Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan in the 1850s.

“Schitt’s Creek” & Local Economic Power

Much of the show’s thematic arc follows the Rose family as they slowly loosen their grip on the superficial beliefs and identities they previously held and come to embrace the community—ultimately becoming far warmer, more compassionate citizens in the process. One of the real victories in storytelling throughout the show’s arc is the absence of heavy-handed moralizing or preaching. Rather, the town and its people simply exist as they are, and themes are explored through a matter-of-fact demonstration of how things could be. This is true in the refreshing, straightforward way that David and Patrick’s openly gay relationship plays out, as well as the theme I’d like to discuss here, which is the lack of corporate control over the small town’s economy. 

My Xootr Folding bike on the West Bank Levee Trail

Circuit Trail Conservancy breaks ground on Trinity Forest Spine Trail

Faster, please.

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