What I learned this week, August 11, 2021

Golden Boy, in AT&T Plaza, Dallas, Texas

Is Life Better When You’re Busy?

Why is everybody so busy? Nearly a century ago, the economist John Maynard Keynes predicted we’d only work fifteen hours a week. Incomes would grow and so would our free time.

Except that hasn’t happened. Income rose, but we kept working long hours. Why?

One answer is that people like to be busy. This paper argues that people dread idleness and are generally happier when they’re busy than when there’s nothing to do.

Artwork in the Braindead Brewing Company, Deep Ellum, Dallas, Texas

Too Many Jobs Feel Meaningless Because They Are

If work that is of no real value has proliferated, no wonder productivity is stagnant.

The music started at The Free Man.

Classical Music’s Suicide Pact (Part 1)

Classical Music’s Suicide Pact (Part 2)

Classical music is under racial attack. Orchestras and opera companies are said to discriminate against black musicians and composers. The canonical repertoire—the product of a centuries-long tradition of musical expression—is allegedly a function of white supremacy.

Not one leader in the field has defended Western art music against these charges. Their silence is emblematic. Other supposed guardians of Western civilization, whether museum directors, humanities professors, or scientists, have gone AWOL in the face of similar claims, lest they themselves be denounced as racist.

The campaign against classical music is worth examining in some detail, for it reveals the logic that has been turned against nearly every aspect of Western culture over the last year.

Fish on the sidewalk, Governor Nichols Street New Orleans, Louisiana

How to Tie the Strongest Fishing Knot

The insides of pro bowling balls will make your head spin

How to Reheat Fried Chicken So It Tastes Amazing

State Street Gallery, Dallas, Texas

Beat Stress Like a Navy SEAL With This Ridiculously Easy Exercise

Simone Biles and the problem with ‘self-care’

The Olympics showed us how out of fashion resilience has become.

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