What I learned this week, April 23, 2021

Chipotle Sourdough
Finished loaf of Chipotle Sourdough Bread. A little too much Chipotle, it made the dough a bit wet and it came out very spicy. Still Delicious. There are kids over and it was gone in five minutes.

How To Make Pita Bread at Home

I went through a home made bread phase. It was fun and delicious but the carbs almost killed me. Maybe pitas – small and unassuming – might be doable.

Campsite, Lake Ray Roberts, Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Sleeping Pads

Anna Karina

How to think like a detective

The best detectives seem to have almost supernatural insight, but their cognitive toolkit is one that anybody can use

Awning stretching out from the Opera House, Arts District, Dallas, Texas (Click To Enlarge)

Aria Code

Sheaffer Pens
Sheaffer Pens

Writing in pencil > writing in pen

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