Daily Writing Tip 64 of 100, The Unreliable Narrator and Character Voice

For one hundred days, I’m going to post a writing tip each day. I have a whole bookshelf full of writing books and I want to do some reading and increased studying of this valuable resource. This will help me keep track of anything I’ve learned, and help motivate me to keep going. If anyone has a favorite tip of their own to add, contact me. I’d love to put it up here.

Today’s tip – The Unreliable Narrator and Character Voice

Source – Voice & Style by Johnny Payne

For a fiction writer, the advantage of implementing an unreliable narrator is to keep the reader off-balance in strategic ways, so that character motives can be entered into more deeply and more unexpectedly. Too much sympathy can preclude a thorough inspection of human perversity.

I have always loved fiction with an unreliable narrator. There is the mystery, the surprise… and, of course, the feeling that the narrator and I have something in common.

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