Daily Writing Tip 25 of 100, Hushing the Mind

For one hundred days, I’m going to post a writing tip each day. I have a whole bookshelf full of writing books and I want to do some reading and increased studying of this valuable resource. This will help me keep track of anything I’ve learned, and help motivate me to keep going. If anyone has a favorite tip of their own to add, contact me. I’d love to put it up here.

Today’s tip – Hushing the Mind

Source – Deep Writing by Eric Maisel

The pieces fall into place in an active, hushed mind. You take a deep breath, stilling the universe. Then you take a voluptuous gulp of the mystery residing in that silence. From that gulp you make a world.

There is that feeling – when an entire reality is flowing out through your fingertips into the keys. They rattle like the chattering of a million squirrels. Or something like that…. That is what you are looking for – if nothing else a relief from the squabbling voices of everyday.

A little relief – and, hopefully, so much more.

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