Make Me One With Everything

“Said Buddha to the hot dog vendor, “make me one with everything.”
New York Magazine

Outside of Wild About Harry's Deep Ellum Dallas Texas

Outside of Wild About Harry’s
Deep Ellum
Dallas Texas

I’ve always had a soft spot for Wild About Harry’s – the local frozen custard mini-chain. They used to have a location in San Antonio, above the Riverwalk (now closed). Years ago, I was wandering the Riverwalk in a sad funk full of Holly Golightly Mean Reds and I stopped by Wild About Harry’s for a frozen custard and it made me feel better. Thank goodness for small mercies.

Now there is a branch opened in Deep Ellum, and it is good. If you need a little pickmeup, be sure and stop by.

Don’t let the scary hotdog man near the door frighten you away.

Radio Antenna Hot Dog Man - I don't remember where I took this.

Radio Antenna Hot Dog Man – I don’t remember where I took this.