Bronze and Glass

In addition to the interaction between the plants and the glass of Dale Chihuly’s installation at the Dallas Arboretum, there is the interaction between the glass and the other sculptures, mostly cast bronze, that already populate the gardens.

 For larger and more detailed versions of this photo – please visit the Flickr Page.

For larger and more detailed versions of this photo – please visit the Flickr Page.

6 responses to “Bronze and Glass

  1. That top photograph is beautiful and has even more potential. Exposing the statue and darkening the sky a bit through the old layered HDR trick would be interesting.

    • Actually, I had already done that. The problem is that it was a gray, drizzling day (you can see water dripping off the glass if you look close) and darkening the sky any more gets really grainy. I lightened the right side of the photo, got a little bit of blue in the sky, and brought out the trumpeters as best as I could. It’s only a quick snap, so I didn’t have much to work with.

      What I need to do is to take the sky out completely and replace it with a nice, fluffly, cloudy background. That will take a good bit of time to do, though.

      Or better yet, go back and shoot this exact scene in HDR at sunset.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Great pairing of the sculpture with Chihuly, Bill. We went there yesterday and shot pix until we were too tired to continue. The sun wears you out. Once again, I forgot to check my exposure levels and most are on the over-exposed side.

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