Forgot the Card

An old picture I took out my car window while waiting for a drive thru ATM.

The other day I had a little bit of time so I decided to head out with my camera and take some photographs. I made a little list of places to go – the rugby games near White Rock Lake, maybe a walk along the lake, a return to the Farmer’s Market, a stroll around Deep Ellum (I have some photographs from there, but wanted to supplement them before putting together an entry) and an arts and crafts market in Deep Ellum.

So I drove down to White Rock and discovered the Rugby games were delayed, so I wandered the streets down into Deep Ellum. I found a place to park, pulled my camera out, and walked to the market. I strolled the aisles, looking at the wares, and noticed there was a food truck set up.

It was a truck I’ve never tried before, Rock and Roll Tacos. I ordered some fish tacos and set about getting some pictures. I shot the truck, the market, some folks strolling around, and my food before I gobbled it down. I wasn’t really looking at my camera, simply pointing and shooting, having a fun time.

It seemed to be shooting too quickly so I checked the display. That’s when I realized that I had forgotten to put the memory card back in after sucking the old photographs off the night before. So I’m sorry – no pictures for you today. Well,….. the truck looked like a truck, the tacos looked like tacos, and the art market looked like an art market.

After a few seconds of frustration I felt better. It was a beautiful day, the fish tacos were good, and the art interesting. Without the camera I could simply look and enjoy.

Sometimes the world is better when not looked at through a viewfinder.

16 responses to “Forgot the Card

  1. Check your camera & see if there is an option that disallows taking a picture when a memory device is not in place… most of them do. That’s the first thing I check with a new camera….

    • Thanks for the hint. I never understood what that did… now I do. Hope everything is going good up in Topeka – I’m excited about the Final Four. Though it’s been weird the last three years, cheering for Duke too.

  2. Oh absolutely… the same has happened to me. But you’re right, sometimes it’s a relief to just look “wide-angle” without the lens!

  3. ha ha! one time I paid for a photography “excursion” – going into the zoo earlier than everyone else to watch the animals eat before the zoo opened for the day. i woke up late, hastily jammed my camera and my zoom lens into a bag, briefly considered the tripod (left it behind), skipped coffee (if you know me, you know how huge this is for me to forgo) and raced to the zoo.

    yeah, i had a dead battery in the camera and no spare to speak of. but – i was on time! hahaha!

  4. I can sympathize–I’ve been in a similar situation. It took my hobby (photography) getting to the point of being a job (for which I didn’t get paid) before I realized how much I was missing by constantly looking through the lens.

    Sometime you have to enjoy and be content with the pictures recorded in your mind…because the camera isn’t there, doesn’t work, or would detract from the experience. 🙂

  5. Bill, good recovery vs harboring disappointment re not “catching” the images. Many years ago, 36 years, I hitchhiked with only a backpack from eastern USA to San Diego CA, up to Oregon, back to San Francisco then to eastern USA again over three months. I owned and was proficient with a Nikon camera but had tried backpacking with it once. It neqrly beat me to death. Between that unhappy hike and reading Kerouac and other travel stories (largely sans pictures) I determined my trip would be far more pure without putting this mechanical (and social, really) filter between my brain and the things my eyes were capturing.

    I would now own amazing photos of adventures fun to describe. But instead, perhaps, I became more engaged in the adventures dor their own sake rather than for potentially pleasing pictures.

    Good on you for enjoying the experiences.


  6. Ohhh … well, at least you had a nice afternoon. Just a thought … I don’t know what kind of camera you have, but on my Canon, there’s an option in the settings that won’t let me take a picture without the card in it. I have that setting on so that if I forget the card, I will know. I’m starting to get very forgetful in my “old” young age. LOL. Just a thought.

    • I noticed that option on my Nikon but never really understood its purpose until now. I suppose if you were shooting a wedding or something, that would be disastrous. Luckily, with my lack of skills – no real harm done.

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